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Orphan In The Storm is Julie Roth's amazing story of overcoming impossible odds at the beginning of her young life to accomplish great success as she grew. Her hope is that by sharing how she uncovered hidden fear, anger, and insecurity in her adult life, resulting from emotional cruelty during a troubled childhood, the reader will learn to recognize and deal with these monsters before they can control and destroy. A truly inspirational autobiography!

Orphan In The Storm by Julie Z.Roth



A Story To Encourage and Inspire

Julie Z. Roth has achieved much in life having become a very successful businesswoman in the telecommunications and information technology industries. Orphan In The Storm is Julie's own true story of how she overcame unbelievable poverty and neglect. She was told by her father that she wasn't even worth educating, yet she managed to escape the torment of shame and guilt to become a top wage earner in the Information Age, and excelled beyond all expectations in college.

Orphan In The Storm is the true story of her father's death at the age of 41, leaving her mother with five children, two months' pregnant with child number six, living in a half-built house with no indoor plumbing, no water supply, a stick-shift Chevy that she couldn't drive, a $2,000 life insurance policy, and nothing in the bank. It's the inspirational account of how our Heavenly Father came to the rescue with one miracle after another to keep the family safe and together when, by all appearances, they were destined to doom. You'll be inspired to read this personal testimony of the many supernatural experiences that have no other explanation than simply miracles.

Julie Z. Roth earned her Ph.D. at Vision International University in Business Leadership, and is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. She currently operates JZR Enterprises as a sought-after speaker and business consultant. Read her amazing story!

Julie Z. Roth


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